Олимпиадные задания по английскому 10 класс

Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку 10 класс с ответами

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    I. Read the text below and decide which answer (А, В, С or D) best fits each space.

    1. Bowls. If you can roll a ball, you can play bowls. Everyone can play: young and old, men and women, the fit and the not so fit. It is the 1) outdoor game that
    2). ..... is a sport for all. What other sport can grandparents play on
    3). ..... terms with their grandchildren? What other game is so simple that you could take it up today and be
    4). in the national championships tomorrow? Simple? Perhaps that’s not the
    5). Word. There are bowls players in their thousands who will tell you that, although bowls is a game that anyone can
    6). in five minutes, it takes a lifetime to
    7). ....... it. They are the people who have
    8). a passionate interest in the game.
    9). , for outsiders, bowls is another world, and a strange and puzzling one. They see a bowls game in
    10). and wonder what is going on.
    What the players are trying to do is easy to explain. Their
    11). is to roll their bowls, called woods, as near as possible to the little white ball, called the jack. If one of your bowls finishes nearer to the jack than your
    12). ...... you score one point and he or she scores nothing. If you have the two nearest, you score two, and
    13). The skill
    14). in rolling a bowl that weighs around 2 kilos across about 40 metres so that it stops only a very short
    15). from the target is just as
    16). ..... as the skills required in other sports.

    1. А special В one С individual D alone
    2. А exactly В really С precisely D accurately
    3. А alike В equal С parallel D matching
    4. А competing В entering C getting D going
    5. А right В suitable C genuine D just
    6. А catch on В see through C find out D pick up
    7. А manage В tame C master D control
    8. А assembled В produced C developed D grown
    9. А Besides В Unlike C However D Although
    10. А performance В movement C practice D action
    11. А point В attempt C scheme D aim
    12. А competitor’s В opponent’s C contestant’s D opposer’s
    13. А further В so on C moreover D as follows
    14. А involved В connected C relating D belonging
    15. А distance В extent C range D length
    16. А respectable В impressive C appreciative D favourable

    II. Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space.

    The Trinidad Carnival
    Festivals in the Caribbean can be huge, colourful events that stretch the imagination. One of the biggest 1) ........... these, the Trinidad Carnival, consists of five days of non-stop parties and music competitions that end 2) a costumed parade through the streets of the capital, Port of Spain. The music at the carnival is calypso. Calypso is 3) than just music for singing and dancing. An evening in a ‘calypso tent’ will give you a course in Trinidadian politics and 4) .... you know all about the island gossip.
    But 5) ........... the topic of the songs, calypso’s main function is 6)entertain.
    One of the most important parts of the carnival is the calypso competition. This is divided 7)... two sections. First of all, on the Sunday, the best song is judged. Ten finalists each sing two songs in front of 8) crowd of 30,000. The singers all do 9) best to give performances that will have the crowd shouting and screaming 10) ... more, and the winner receives the highly-prized title of Calypso Monarch.
    Then, on the Monday, there is the Roadmarch competition, 11) he best dance tune is decided. Dancers in fantastic costumes spill out onto the streets 12) their thousands at 4 a.m. and dance in a parade with the calypso bands. This goes on 13) the carnival ends the following night. The winner is the person 14) tune is being played most often as the bands pass the place where the judges 15) situated.
    And the music has to be good, to keep as 16) as half a million people dancing non-stop for five days.

    III. Use the words given to form a word and insert it into the suitable gap.

    Judging from the ‘Flats to let’ column, there is an 1) (end) search going on for flatmates which is 2) (compare) to the search for suitable 3) ........... (marry) partner. Indeed, the fact that the advertisements often 4) ........... (specific) the type and the personality of the potential flatmate suggests that 5) ........... (compatible) is as 6) ........... (dispense) in flat-sharing as it is in the person you marry. People usually ask for or offer 7) (refer), but these probably provide only a few 8) (signify) facts. The things you really want to know about a person are 9) (rare) revealed, things like whether they make a noise when they eat, and other 10) (bear) habits. Let’s face it, if you are going to share your 11) (live) with a complete stranger for any 12) .... (long) of time, you need to find out at the outsetwhether their company will turn out to be a delight or a nightmare.

    IV. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word given. Do not change the words given.

    This matter is none of your business.сoncern
    This matter does not concern you.
    1. We won’t get to the airport in less than 30 minutes. least
    It will ... 30 minutes to get to the airport.
    2. Despite knowing the area well, I got lost. even
    I got lost ........... the area well.
    3. I tried to talk to Jack about the problem but he was too busy. word
    I tried to ........... about the problem but he was too busy.
    4. «I don’t mind which film we see», I said. matter
    I said that ............ .
    5. If you don’t take care of those shoes, they won’t last for long. look
    Unless ........... those shoes won’t last for long.
    6. You’ve already lied to me once today. lie
    This is not the first ...me today.
    7. Whenever I hear this song I remember the time when I was in Paris. reminds
    Whenever I hear this song ........... when Iwas in Paris.
    8. I can’t describe people as well as you can. better
    You’re ...........I am.
    9. You didn’t think carefully enough before you decided. ought
    You ........... more carefully before you decided.
    10. urry up! The bus is going to leave! about
    Hurry up! The bus ............ leave!
    11. I’ll be home late. until
    I . ........... late.
    12. This book will take me two years to write. have
    In two years’ ............ this book.

    V. Decide if the verb form underlined is correct or not. If it is correct, write the word «correct». If not, correct it.

    1) Will you be seeing ........... Rob Jones tomorrow? I wonder if you could give him a message from Sally Gordon?
    2) I had a great time in the Greek Islands. We would rent ...........a small boat and go fishing every day.
    3) Julie, hi! I’ve been hoping I’d see you. I’ve got some good news!
    4) We had a terrible time looking after your dog. It was constantly chasing the cats next door.
    5) We had a lovely time in Madrid. Every day we were exploring the city, and in the evening we were going ...........to exciting bars.
    6) The steam engine is usually thought of as a relatively modern invention, but the Greeks had built __a kind of steam engine in ancient times.
    7) I felt rather worried. It was growing ...........darker and colder, and there was still no sign of the rescue helicopter.
    8) Don’t worry! All we have to do is wait here until someone will find _ us.
    9) This meat is really tasting ........... awful! Are you quite sure it was fresh?
    10) Of course you can understand it. You are being stupid, that’s all.

    VI. In the following text the is missing ten times and a/an is missing twice. Insert them in the correct places.

    Dead Sea, which lies between Jordan and Israel, is lowest lake in world. It is about 397 metres below sea level and it contains saltiest water in world. This is because several rivers carrying minerals (including salt) flow into lake, but none flow out of it. Surface water evaporates, but all minerals remain behind. Salt makes it easy for swimmers to float – you can even read book while floating on your back. In fact lake contains six times more salt than ordinary sea water so swimmer’s body is six times more buoyant than usual.

    Ключи к олимпиадным заданиям по английскому языку для 10 класса
    1. B, 2. B, 3. B, 4. A, 5. A, 6. D, 7. C, 8. C, 9. C, 10. D, ll. D, 12. B, 13. B, 14. A, 15. A, 16. B.
    1. of, 2. with/in, 3. more, 4. let, 5. whatever, 6. to, 7. into, 8. a, 9. their, 10. for, 11. when/where, 12. in, 13. until/till, 14. whose, 15. are, 16. many.
    1. endless, 2. comparable, 3. marriage, 4. specify, 5. compatibility, 6. indispensable, 7. references, 8. insignificant, 9. rarely, 10. unbearable, 11. life, 12. length.
    1. take us at least, 2. even though I knew, 3. have a word with, 4. it did not matter which film we saw, 5. you look after them carefully/properly, 6. lie you have told, 7. it reminds me of the time, 8. bet­ter at describing people than, 9. ought to think, 10. is about to, 11. won’t be home until, 12. time I will have finished.
    1. correct; 2. rented, went; 3. correct; 4. correct; 5. explored, went; 6. correct, built; 7. correct; 8. finds; 9. tastes; 10. correct.
    The Dead Sea, which lies between Jordan and Israel, is the lowest lake in the world. It is about 397 metres below sea level and it contains the saltiest water in the world. This is because several rivers carrying minerals (including salt) flow into the lake, but none flow out of it. The surface water evaporates, but all the minerals remain behind. The salt makes it easy for swimmers to float — you can even read a book while floating on your back. In fact the lake contains six times more salt than ordinary sea water so a swimmer’s body is six times more buoyant than usual.

    Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку 10 класс

               Вариант 1                      Вариант 2